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Submitter Overview - Automatic, Fast, Browser
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Submitter Overview - Automatic, Fast, Browser

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SliQ Submitter Plus includes 3 different submitters - Automatic, Fast and Browser.


All of the submitters speed up the process of submitting compared to manually visiting directories in your own web browser and completing each field by hand. The choice of which submitter you use depends on the directories you want to submit to, whether you want to have captchas decoded automatically and how precisely you want to control directory category selection.



1. A Fully Automatic submitter




This submitter is the easiest to use and provides the quickest submission.


To use the automatic directory submitter, all you need do is:-


1. Enter your website details

2. Configure which Captcha Decoder service to use.

3. Click the Automatic button in the toolbar.


When you submit using the Automatic submitter, SliQ will use the category words you entered in your website details to choose the directory categories to submit into. If you run the Fast Submitter first, you can train SliQ by choosing specific website categories for submission. Running the Fast Submitter for 50 submissions or so will help SliQ become more accurate at choosing categories when running the automatic submitter.


Note that if you have already submitted a website from a similar niche, e.g. a similar health or real estate site, you can reuse the category selections from a previous submission. See Reusing Category Selections for more info.


Note that SliQ supports automatic submission for all the directories it is supplied with but if you add your own directories, SliQ will analyze the directories and determine if automatic submission can be supported. For more information, see Adding Your Own Directories and Automatic Directory Submission.



2. A Fast Submitter




The Fast submitter presents the information on the directory submit page in a manner that is easier and quicker to work with than looking at the submit page in a browser. Since you can see and alter all the category choices SliQ is making you can be as accurate using the Fast Submitter as if you were making manual submissions.


Note: When submitting for a website, one option for using the Fast Submitter is to use it to train SliQ about the categories you want to submit to. Making 50 or so submissions using the Fast submitter will give SliQ a very good idea of which categories to use. You can then switch to the Fully Automatic submitter to let SliQ do its work while you get on with other activities.


Fast submission is supported for all the directories SliQ is supplied with but as with the Fully Automatic submitter, SliQ will analyze any directories you add yourself to determine if they are compatible with the Fast submitter.



3. Browser-based Submitter




The browser-based submitter is the most like manual submitting to directories. SliQ will load each directory into a browser page, allowing you to complete any missing details and press the submit button.


You can use the Browser submitter with any directories - either those supplied with SliQ or those you add yourself.


Note: The browser submitter cannot guarantee to fill every field on every directory type. Nor can the browser submitter guarantee to determine whether a submission has succeeded or failed. Also, the browser submitter does not use the automatic captcha decoder. Since the submit page is presented in a browser window, you can complete any missing values yourself and then after submitting, choose options to indicate whether the submission was successful or failed.


For more information on using the Browser-based submitter, click here.


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