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Entering Your Site Details

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You can enter details for as many websites as you like with SliQ Submitter Plus. Although SliQ only shows details for one website at a time you can swap between websites by pressing the Open button in the toolbar or using the recent sites menu.


To enter a new set of website details, always start by pressing the New button in the toolbar to create a new campaign file.


For more help, see:




Creating a New Campaign


1. Press the New button in the toolbar.


The Campaign Setup wizard will appear. Follow the instructions in the wizard to enter your website details.


The wizard will only let you enter one title and description for a website. After completing the wizard, if you go to the Site Details tab you can enter as many titles and descriptions as you like. The Titles and Description fields all support spinner syntax.


Note: If you want to use the email clicker, then after completing the wizard you need to go to the Site Details tab in SliQ and enter your email account details. The email account details you enter must correspond to the email address you entered in the site details. The directories will email you confirmation or verification emails to the address you give in your site details. To be able to click on any links in the emails, SliQ need you to enter the account details for the email so it can access your mailbox and download and read the emails.



Editing an Existing Campaign


1. Go to the Site Details tab.


2. Edit the website and email account details.


· Enter the URL of the website you want to submit, e.g. http://www.mydomainname.com.
· Enter your name, e.g. Dave.
· Enter a contact email address. Note that many directories require you to confirm your submission and will email you using this address.
· Enter variations of the title and description for your website. You can enter as many variations as you wish by clicking on the green + button.


Note that the title and description fields support spinner syntax. This means that you can specify alternative phrases inside curly brackets, e.g. you might specify a title as:


{Directory Submitter|Submitter Software}


SliQ will then automatically rotate the title between the two options "Directory Submitter" and "Submitter Software" when it submits to successive web directories. You can specify as many variations as you like, e.g.


{Directory Submitter|Submitter Software|Submitter Package}


specifies three possibilities for the title.


You can also nest spinner syntax, e.g.:


{Directory {Submitter|Submission} {Software| {Package|Tool}}


Note: The titles you enter will be used by directories as the anchor text for the link back to the website being submitted. To maximize the benefit of your submissions, the titles should match the keywords you want your site to do well for in search engine results pages. We recommend that you enter a good range of titles, e.g. 10 titles so that you maximize the diversity of anchor text pointing back to your website.


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