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Submitter Overview - Automatic, Fast, Browser
Getting Started
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Captcha Decoder Setup
Setting up a Proxy
Choosing which Directories to Submit to
Viewing Directory Submission Statuses
Scheduling Submissions
Adding Your Own Directories
Reanalyzing Directories
Clicking Confirmation Emails
Finding Live Links
Saving a Submission Report
Prioritizing which Directory Categories SliQ Chooses
Reusing Category Selections
Handling SKIPPED directories
Categorizing Directories
Backing Up Your Data
Moving your Data to a New PC
Registering and Unlocking SliQ Submitter


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The Options tab in SliQ lets you configure the following:-




Number of Threads


You can configure the number of threads SliQ uses when submitting and when analyzing new directories you've added.


Depending on your PC and operating system (and speed of your internet connection) you can speed up submission and analysis by increasing the number of threads. On some older or slower PCs though you may find that submissions are more reliable if you leave the number of threads at their default settings.



Fast Submitter Options


In V2 of SliQ Submitter Plus you could perform automatic submission using the Fast submitter. Checking these options make the Fast Submitter interface work fully automatically as it could in V2.



Email Confirmer Options


The Email Confirmer options on the Options tab control how SliQ processes confirmation emails from directories. For more information, see Email Confirmer Configuration.


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