SliQ Submitter Plus Help - Browser-based Directory Submission

As well as the high-speed Fast Submission interface, SliQ Submitter Plus includes the capability to allow semi-automatic submission to directories via an in-built web browser.

Why would you want to submit semi-automatically?

When you add your own custom directories to SliQ there will be some directories which SliQ cannot submit to using the Fast interface, e.g. because SliQ does not recognise the directory script.

Also, sometimes it can be useful to view the directories being submitted in the browser, e.g. if you get a FAILED status when submitting using the Fast interface, you can try submitting using the browser interface instead to get a better idea of what is going wrong.

Note: The browser submitter is completely independent of either the Fast or Auto submitters and will sometimes make slightly different choices when submitting.

To use the Browser-based interface

1. Click the Browser button in the toolbar.

Browser Button

SliQ will then begin loading directories.

Note: If you want to launch the browser interface for specific directories, use the mouse to select the directories in the list in the Directory Campaign tab then right-click the mouse and choose Launch Standard Submit for Selected Directories from the popup menu.

2. Wait for the directory submit page to load.

When the page has been loaded, SliQ will complete as many of the fields as it can.

If needed, fill fields yourself and/ or change the directory category option as needed.

Note: in the browser-based interface, SliQ does NOT automatically fill in captchas.

3. Click the SUBMIT button on the directory page itself.

Here is an example of the Submit button on one of the directories SliQ supports:

Directory Submit button

4. Wait for the directory submission process to complete.

This may take some seconds.

When the submission process has completed. Check whether the directory indicates that it has accepted your submission. The directory will normally output text saying something like:

"Thank you for submission. Your submission has been queued and is awaiting approval"

5. Make sure the radio button options at the top of the browser window reflect the status of the submission.

Directory Status Options

Change the option if required.

6. In the toolbar, press the Load Next button to load the next directory

Then repeat steps 2 to 5 to submit the directory before again pressing the Load Next button to load the next directory.