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Spinning an Article

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When submitting an article, you can end up with hundreds of copies of your article on different sites. To make the most of your submission efforts, it is preferable if each site on which your article is published ends up with a uniquely worded copy of the article. To aid you in submitting unique content to each website, SliQ supports the use of spin syntax. Spin syntax allows you to specify alternatives for phrases. SliQ will then randomly use your recommended alternatives when submitting your article.


For more information, see:




Spin Syntax Format


SliQ supports spin syntax such as: {phrase1|phrase2|phrase3}. For example:


When {submitting an article|performing article submission}, you can {end up with|get} hundreds of copies


When SliQ submits, it will randomly use different parts of the spinned phrases, e.g. the above example might be submitted to one directory as:


When submitting an article, you can get hundreds of copies


and to another as:


When performing article submission, you can end up with hundreds of copies



Spinning by Hand


The best method of spinning article text is to do the spinning manually. Doing spinning manually lets you make sure the spun content is readable and makes sense. Having more readable articles will increase your chances of the article being accepted by the directory editor.


Automatic Spinning


While spinning by hand produces the best results, it can be time-consuming. You may decide not to spin articles at all or you might use the automatic article spinning service supported by SliQ. For details of the article spinning service, see the Spinner Configuration tab in SliQ Article Submitter (shown below) or visit spinnerchief.com.




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