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Directory Groups

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SliQ lets you place directories into lists or groups, e.g. you might want to add a directory into a health-related group or into an auto-approve group. A directory can be placed in as many different groups as you like.


Once you have assigned a directory to a group you can use the group to filter the directories SliQ submits to. See Choose Which Directories to Submit to for more information.


To find out more, see:-




Creating a new directory group


1. On the main Submitter tab, find the directory you want to place into a group.


2. Click on the directory with the left mouse button.


3. Right-click the mouse and from the popup menu, choose Add to Group, then New Group ...


4. Enter the name of a new group, then click the OK button.



Assigning a directory to an existing group


If you have already assigned a group to one or more directories, you can easily assign other directories to the group from the main list on the Submitter/ Directories tab.


1. With the mouse, select the directories you want to assign the category to.


2. Right-click the mouse and from the popup menu, click Add to Group and then from the submenu, choose the group you want to add the directories to.


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