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Registering with Article Directories

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To submit an article to a directory, SliQ needs to register with each directory and create an account. Later on, during the submission process, SliQ will log into the account and submit your article.


Note: Before beginning registration, you will need to have created an author account in SliQ and entered the author account details.


To register or sign up as an author with the article directories, take the following steps:-


1. Click the Sign Up button signupbutton in the toolbar:


If you have entered all information correctly, SliQ will then open its Progress tab and perform registrations. While registrations are being processed you will see a progress indication on screen:




2. Wait until the progress indication stops and SliQ indicates that registrations are complete, then click the Stop button to close the progress tab and go back to the main Campaign tab.


Note: Depending on the number of directories to register with, registrations may take some time. If you want, you can press the Stop button in the toolbar and come back to perform more registrations later.


3. After performing registrations, SliQ will need to complete the registration process by confirming any verification emails sent to your email address by the directories. During the confirmation process, SliQ will also examine the emails and gather login details assigned to your new account. See Confirming Registrations for help on confirming emails.


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