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SliQ Article Submitter

Creating a New Article

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To create a new Article, click the New button in the Article group in the toolbar:




SliQ will create a new, empty article and show the Article Details tab ready for you to enter your article.


Note that all fields on the Article Details tab accept spin syntax.


The following table describes the purpose of the fields and how to complete them.



Enter a title for the article


Enter a short introduction to the article, up to about 100 words in length.


To save time, you can copy the first paragraph from the Body into the Summary. However, if you are spinning the article, spin the body before copying the paragraph to help make the summary unique on each submission.


Enter the main part of the article. A recommended length is about 500 words.


Note that the body can be automatically spun using the SpinnerChief service that can be configured on the Spinner Configuration tab. Alternatively you can enter spin syntax yourself to spin the article.


It is recommended that you do NOT place links in the main Body of the article. Only put links into the Author Resource. For directories where an Author Resource field is not present (which includes most Wordpress-based article directories), SliQ will append the Author Resource field contents to the Body field contents when submitting the article.

Author Resource

Enter an author summary with up to two links in it. An example of an author resource would be something like:


For more information on <a href="http://www.sliqsubmitter.com">directory submission</a> and to try out a cost-effective <a href="http://www.sliqsubmitter.com/automatic-directory-submission.php">automatic directory submitter</a>, please visit sliqsubmitter.com.


Enter a comma-separated list of keywords relevant to your article.


Enter a comma-separated list of category names. SliQ will use these words to find suitable categories in directories in which to

Always Pick Category - even if one not found

If this box is checked and SliQ cannot find a directory category matching your category selections, SliQ will choose a category at random when submitting.



Before submitting, it can be useful to preview the article and see if the links work correctly. See Previewing an Article for more information.


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