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Advantages of Article Submission

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Advantages of Article Submission

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As a means of internet marketing or search engine optimization, article submission has a number of key advantages:-


You can make multiple submissions to each directory


With article directories you can submit as many articles containing links back to your website as you like. This allows you to build links to a range of pages on your website and use a range of keywords as anchor text on the links. While some directories may have a limit on the number of submissions they will allow for a specific author account, you can easily create a new author account and begin submitting articles again.


Contextual links carry more weight for SEO


With some forms of submission, the link back to your site can appear on a page containing off-topic text, i.e. text unrelated to either your site or the specific keyword you are trying to optimize. With article submission, your article, which should contain about 500 words, will be shown on the same page as the link to your site so you can make sure the text around your link is very relevant.


Your article may get copied and relinked from other sites


A number of directories will distribute your article to other sites, e.g. using an RSS feed. This means that your article may keep getting distributed to other sites beyond those you originally submitted. Many article directories will ping search engines with your submitted article so your article will appear in the search engine index very quickly.



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