Making a Purchase

Purchase a license by pressing the appropriate PayPal button below.

When we have verified your payment your license period will begin and we will email you a login ID and password to enter into the software's registration dialog.

Purchase our Directory Submitter (SliQ Submitter Plus)

SliQ Submitter Plus - Permanently unlock your copy for $30.00
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Note: We will email your login ID to the email address you register or enter via PayPal. Please ensure the email address is functioning. If your email address is not functioning, please email us with the Paypal transaction number so we can return your login details.

Unlocking Instructions

Read unlocking SliQ Submitter for help on entering the login ID and password we email you.

Terms and Conditions

A purchase entitles one person to use SliQ Submitter on a single computer.

If you have already purchased, you can extend your existing license by purchasing again.

You can reset your account and move your license to a new PC for free once every 6 months. If you want to move more frequently an admin fee of $10 will be charged. To log in and reset your account, go to the Account Login page.

If you want to purchase multiple licenses, please contact us.

Support Limits

Purchase of a permanent license entitles you to support for 2 incidents, i.e. we will respond to 2 emails requesting support.

If these support limits are exceeded we reserve the right to request that a new purchase is made to gain access to further support.