Reanalyzing Directories in SliQ Submitter Plus

Over time web directories switch to being paid or requiring reciprocal links. Also their Google PageRank will change. While we regularly analyze the directories supplied with SliQ to keep their details up to date, SliQ Submitter Plus also lets you reanalyze the custom directories you have added yourself to SliQ.

Follow these Steps to Reanalyze Your Custom Directories

1. In the toolbar on the Directory Campaign toolbar, press the Refresh Custom directories button.

Refresh Custom Directories

2. Follow the instructions on the Reanalyze Custom Directories dialog.

Note that SliQ will only set the category for the directories if the directory status has changed, e.g. if the directory was supported by the Fast Submitter in the past but is now unrecognised, the directory will have its category set to the Unrecognised Directories category you enter or select.

3. Press the Begin Analysis button on the form.

SliQ will then open the Progress tab and begin analyzing the directories. As each directory is analyzed, SliQ will store its updated status and category together with the date and time of the analysis.

Note that SliQ reanalyzes in age order, i.e. it analyzes those directories that were last analyzed the longest time ago. If you want you can analyze just the first few hundred directories before closing the Analyze Directories dialog. When you next do a reanalysis, SliQ will start the analysis process from the next oldest directory in your custom list.

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