Our directory software can help you build a variety of backlinks to your website with a variety of anchor text.

With support for submitting an unlimited number of websites, our submitter lets you add your own lists of directories for submission. Read below for more details including how to download a free trial copy.

Directory Submitter Software

automatic directory submitter

SliQ Submitter Plus V3

SliQ Submitter Plus is a high speed directory submitter that saves you loads of time over submitting manually to web directories.

Download a Free Trial

Our directory submitter makes the process of submitting to directories very easy indeed and even includes support for the captcha decoding services provided by decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha for fully automatic directory submission with captcha decoding.

The submitter includes an email confirmation utility to save you even more time by automatically clicking confirmation links in emails.

When you start submitting, the submission software loads each of its supported directories and fills out the fields on the directory submit page with your stored details so there's no copying and pasting to do.

Behind the scenes we load a number of directories at a time so when you've finished submitting to one directory, the next one is ready as fast as possible.

The directory submitter also includes a scheduler allowing you to dripfeed submissions to directories.

Directory Submitter Features

  • NEW! Unlock permanently for $30
  • Fully Auto Submitter
  • Scheduler for dripfeed submissions
  • Captcha decoding for fully automatic directory submission
  • Submit for as many websites as you like
  • Configure a proxy when making submissions
  • Add your own directories for use in the Auto, Fast or Browser Submitters.
  • Includes a utility to search directories to find listings for your websites
  • Automatic email link clicker included to save time clicking confirmation links in emails
  • Unlimited website titles/ anchor text and descriptions
  • Spinner syntax supported in titles and descriptions, e.g. { anchor text1 | anchor text2 } gets expanded during submission.
  • Export submission reports to Excel

Adding Directories to our submitters

For more information on adding your own directories to SliQ Submitter Plus, please read Adding Directories to SliQ Submitter Plus.

Email Link Clicker

Email Link Clicker Lite Our submitter includes the capability to handle confirmation emails from directories and can automatically download emails and click on any verification links.

We thought the process of email verification was a handy feature independent of our submitters so we decided to give away a free software called SliQ Link Clicker Lite for a limited period. To find out more and download our free email link clicker, click here.

Why is Directory Submission an essential part of a link-building campaign?

The purpose of search engine optimization is to increase visitor numbers to your website. The key part of the SEO process is a link-building campaign. Building backlinks to your website is an essential way of increasing your Google PageRank and improving your website's performance in order to get better search engine rankings. When you build links to your webpages, you need to use a variety of anchor texts - some of the text should be the keywords you wish to rank for, while other anchor text can be more generic, e.g. the URL of your website.

Submitting your site details to website directories is an easy way of building links - directory owners will often want to list your details and give you a link. The problem is that directory submission takes time. The way to speed up the directory submission process is to use an automatic directory submitter like SliQ Submitter Plus or SliQ Article Submitter. Using our directory submission software and their lists of free directories, you can submit to many directories in a short time, saving yourself loads of time.

We don't recommend that your search engine optimization campaign relies solely on directory submissions - an SEO campaign should use a number of methods of link-building such as forum link-building and blog posting - but directory submissions using our link building software are a quick and easy way of building a set of links if you use directory submitter software.

Is Manual Directory Submission better than Automatic Directory Submission?

In our experience, automatic directory submission is at least as good as manual directory submission. Sometimes you'll find people who say that manual submission gets a better quality submission but our submission software includes a number of features that let you ensure quality submissions. Firstly, you can add as many sets of anchor texts or descriptions as you like. Secondly, you can use spinner syntax in the website title and description field, e.g. entering something like "{ good | excellent | great } submitter" into a description will make SliQ automatically rotate between "good submitter", "excellent submitter" and "great submitter" when filling in the submission form for a directory. It's features like this which let you submit a good variety of text titles and descriptions to directories. The downside of manual submission is the time it takes - once you've submitted to a few directories by hand you'll soon wish you could spend the time on more productive activities.